Summer 2017 – Ngoc shared with Hoai about super tasty and delicious soft palmyra nectar – a speciality of Bay Nui, An Giang where our ex-colleague Diu comes from. We soon found out that even though more and more people wanted to use natural sweetener to replace for white sugar, the product was not available in Vietnam. And Palmania was born in June 2017.

Palmania was founded by Diu, Hoai, Ngoc who have endless love for natural products. By cooperating, training, actively working, buying directly from farmers, and reinvesting by cooperating with more farmers, we bring back the truly natural and delicious soft palmyra nectar. We also focus on developing new products made from soft palmyra nectar to help to increase more value for the traditional soft palmyra nectar.


Spring 2019 – After 2 years with many trials and effort, we finally succeeded in making 100% natural and pure palmyra nectar. We were the first company in Vietnam who offered customers 100% natural, pure and delicious palmyra nectar.


Autumn 2020 – Palmania won 2-star Great Taste Awards for Palmania palmyra nectar. It was a blast for the team. Palmania is proud to be the first and only palmyra nectar company in Vietnam who has ever won a Great Taste Awards. And Palmania is one of few palmyra nectar brands in the world won this amazing 2-star Great Taste Awards.

Spring 2021 – Palmania Europe was born and the first shipment from Vietnam arrived in Finland in the beginning of September.

Autumn 2021 – Palmania won 1-star Great Taste Awards for Palmania soft palmyra nectar. Again, it was a blast for our team. It was also a big reward for all of efforts that we have been doing since Palmania was formed.
Autumn 2022 – Palmania won 2-star Great Taste Awards for Palmania palmyra nectar syrup. And we became Great Taste Producer. Again, it was a big reward.


Our journey to bring Palmania from a small rural town in Vietnam to the world starts from here…


Our mission is not only to turn a local into an international standard product but also to take our social responsibility to reserve and develop a traditional craft of indigenous Khmer people in An Giang, Vietnam



Trust, quality, and transparency are the cornerstones of our commitment. Our love for traditional, natural, and healthy products drives us forward each day. We not only contribute to preserving the traditional craft of the indigenous Khmer people in An Giang but also lead the way in Vietnam by producing truly natural and pure palmyra nectar products. Every product we offer is crafted ethically and sustainably, using only the sap from wildly-grown palmyra (Borassus Flabellifer) trees. Our dedication ensures that you can trust in the quality and authenticity of our offerings.



25 Vo Thi Sau, Tri Ton, An Giang, Vietnam

T: +84 907 309 878 

E: info@palmania.net

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