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100% Natural Palmyra Nectar



Palmyra nectar is speciality of An Giang province, Vietnam. When the dry season comes, Khmer ethnic farmers climb to the top of Palmyra tree, cut flower surface and use containers to collect flower sap. The sap is then boiled to make traditional soft palmyra nectar.

From soft palmyra nectar sourcing directly from our farmers, we apply advanced drying technique to create the finest palmyra nectar.

Palmania palmyra nectar is made from the inflorescence sap of wildly grown palmyra (Borassus Flabellifer) trees in Bay Nui area, Vietnam. It takes a wildly grown palmyra tree in Vietnam at least 30 years until its first harvest. From this stage, the tree can be sustainably tapped until reaching its natural lifespan which can be over 100 years.

Palmania palmyra nectar is pure, natural, unrefined and amazingly delicious. Palmyra nectar is naturally one of the healthiest and most nutritious sweeteners thanks to its key nutrients including vital amino acids, minerals and B vitamins. Palmyra nectar also has low glycaemic index.

Palmania palmyra nectar won 2-star Great Taste Awards 2020.


Palmania palmyra nectar is unrefined sweetener. It has really delicious caramel-like taste, and comfortable aroma


Use as 1-1 sugar replacement. It is perfect for accompanying with desserts, beverage, baking or cooking


100% natural palmyra nectar


300g net in ziplock standup pouch